A Descendant of Salvatore Dell'Utri and Teresa Salerno


Generation No. 1

1. PASQUALE1 DELL'UTRI nato February 1858 in Caltanessetta, morto October 1941 Sicily.

Pasquale was a farmer in Caltanissetta. It is likely that his fathers name was Salvatore. On the birth certificate for Pasquale, Salvatore was about 30 years old. Salvatore was also present at the births of his grand children, Giuseppe and Giuseppa. Pasquale's mothers name was Teresa Salerno. She was listed as 26 on his birth certificate, but was also listed as 56 when she died in 1893,a nd that her birth year was 1837

There is also reason to believe that Pasquale had at least one sister named Rosa who was present at the birth of Teresa and Luigi.

Spouse: MARIA BARRILE, morto September 6, 1942

Maria had a brother named Tomasso, and a sister named Grazia


i. MICHELE 2 DELL'UTRI, nato September 19, 1884 - m. June 1965 at the age of 81

ii. SALVATORE2 DELL'UTRI / SALVADORE DELLUTRI, Name changed upon moving to Argentina. nato April 4, 1886, - m. August, 1972 at the age of 86

iii. GIUSEPPE2 DELL'UTRI, nato November 23, 1887. - m. December 6, 1887 at the age of 2 weeks

iv. GIUSEPPA2 DELL'UTRI, nato October 9, 1888

v. AGOSTINO2 DELL'UTRI, nato February 2, 1891

vi. ASSUNTA2 DELL'UTRI, nato September 18, 1893. - m. October 18 1895 at the age of 2

vii. BIAGIO GIUSEPPE2 DELL'UTRI / JOSEPH BIAGIO DELLUTRI, Name changed upon naturalization to the United States. nato March 14, 1896. - m December 25, 1975 at the age of 79

viii. LUCIA2 DELL'UTRI, nato September 22, 1899.

ix. TERESA2 DELL'UTRI, nato January 12, 1902. - m February 18, 1920 at the age of 18

x. LUIGI2 DELL'UTRI, nato October 23, 1903. - m. February 13, 1920 at the age of 16

xi. ANGELINA2 DELL'UTRI, nato September 29 1906.- m. 2006 at the age of 99

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